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Conference Program

CoBCom 2024 & IWSSIP 2024

Tuesday, July 9

Wednesday, July 10

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  • CoBCom 3
    HS i2

  • Keynote
    A. Kos

  • Coffee Break

  • IWSSIP 2
    HS i2

  • Lunch

  • Invited Talk
    A. Weiss

  • IWSSIP 3
    HS i2

  • Coffee Break

  • IWSSIP 4
    HS i2

  • Gala Dinner

Thursday, July 11


Tuesday, 9th of July

Keynote Talk 1 Victor Lubecke
Tuesday, 9th of July, 10:00
Chair: Wilfried Gappmair

Physiological Radar for Biomedical Monitoring

CoBCom 1
Tuesday, 9th of July, 11:30-13:00
Chair: Helmut Schreiber

  • Uncertainty Quantification and Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis for Microstrip Line on IC-Substrate
    Authors: Hiroaki Takahashi; Hayato Kitagawa; Erich Schlaffer; Wolfgang Bösch; Helmut Paulitsch
  • Joint Communication and Sensing Prospects and Potential Through Visible Light
    Authors: Ziad Salem; Christian Krutzler; Andreas P. Weiss
  • Optimisation of Resource Allocation in 5G Network for Critical Systems
  • Authors: Slawomir Hanczewski; Maciej Stasiak; Joanna Weissenberg
  • Advancing Automotive Connectivity: New Technologies and Security Considerations
  • Authors: Klaus Kainrath; Philipp Ortner; Giancarlo Benincasa; Erich Leitgeb

Tuesday, 9th of July, 11:30 – 13:00
Chair: Branko Mikac

  • Designing an Augmented Reality Teaching Module for Power Consumption in FPGAs
    Authors: Galia Marinova; Marsida Ibro
  • Navigating the Future: Digital Twin in Maritime Industry
    Authors: Manjola Zeneli; Galia Marinova
  • AI in PCB Design: Insights from a Focused Case Study
    Authors: Lavdim Menxhiqi; Galia Marinova
  • Modeling and Characterization of a Compact In-Line Filter with Transmission Zeros
    Authors: Sara Javadi; Behrooz Rezaee; Vicente Boria; Santiago Cogollos; Wolfgang Bosch

Invited Talk 1 Dana Seyringer
Tuesday, 9th of July, 14:00
Chair: Erich Leitgeb

Quantum Explorer – an Educational Project for Primary and Secondary Schools

CoBCom 2
Tuesday, 9th of July, 14:30 – 15:30
Chair: Franz Teschl

  • Measurement of a Baby Dummy in a Car for Child Presence Detection
  • Authors: Gert Freiberger; Helmut Schreiber; Erich Leitgeb; Wolfgang Bösch; David Veit
  • Simulation Analysis of Traffic Characteristics of Elastic Optical Networks Nodes with Priority-Based Call Admission Control Mechanisms
  • Authors: Maciej Sobieraj; Mariusz Glabowski; Piotr Zwierzykowski
  • Dual-Band Vivaldi MIMO Antennas Designed for Sub-6 GHz 5G Wireless Applications
  • Authors: Abubeker Abdulkerim Yussuf; Selcuk Paker

Tuesday, 9th of July, 14:30 – 15:30
Chair: Galia Marinova

  • Transmission Line-Based Wave Digital Approach for N-Way Bagley Power Dividers
  • Authors: Biljana Stosic; Zlatica D. Marinkovic
  • Feasibility Study of Time Synchronization Solution for the Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Mobile Platforms
  • Authors: Luka Podbregar; Aljaz Blatnik; Saso Tomazic; Bostjan Batagelj
  • Deploying DAPHNE Computational Intelligence on EuroHPC Vega for Benchmarking Randomised Optimisation Algorithms
  • Authors: Aleš Zamuda; Mark Dokter

Tuesday, 9th of July, 16:00 – 17:30
Chair: Gregor Rozinaj

  • Ensemble Diversity Pruning on Cybersecurity: Optimizing Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Authors: Thiago Lucas; Leandro Passos; Douglas Rodrigues; Danilo Jodas; Rafal Scherer; Joao Paulo Papa; Kelton Costa
  • Nuclei Segmentation in Hepatocytes Using YOLO and SAM
  • Authors: Sergio Alvarez da Silva, Jr; Leandro Eugênio Farias Berton; Mateus Filipe Tavares Carvalho; Carla Cristina De Oliveira Bernardo; Juliana Vanessa Colombo; Jacqueline Nelisis Zanoni; André Luiz Rezini Gasparro Sevilha; Loris Nanni; Franklin Flores; Gustavo Z Felipe; Yandre Costa
  • Neural Architecture Search for Enhancing Action Video Recognition in Compressed Domains
  • Authors: Pedro Lamkowski; Douglas Rodrigues; Jurandy Almeida; Leandro Passos; Joao Paulo Papa
  • Assessing Levodopa Effectiveness in Parkison’s Disease During Gait Using Electroencephalogram and Machine Learning
  • Authors: Rafael Goncalves Pires; Clayton Reginaldo Pereiraa; Tiago Penedo; Joao Paulo Papa; Mateus Roder; Fabio Augusto Barbieri

Tuesday, 9th of July, 16:00 – 17:00
Chair: Hristo Ivanov

  • An Efficient Algorithm for Scheduling Aircraft Landing Problem
  • Authors: Vassil Guliashki; Gasper Music; Galia Marinova
  • Digital Twins to Monitor IoT Devices for Green Transformation of University Campus
  • Authors: Erilda Muka; Galia Marinova
  • Optimal Energy Management for Grid-Connected Microgrid Applications
  • Authors: Vassil Guliashki; Galia Marinova

Wednesday, 10th of July

CoBCom 3
Wednesday, 10th of July, 9:00 – 10:00
Chair: Reinhard Teschl

  • From Concept to Implementation: Lessons Learned in Designing and Deploying a Visible Light Positioning System
  • Authors: Felix Lichtenegger; Andreas P. Weiss; Christian Krutzler; Christian Sommer; Claude Leiner; Andreas Kröpfl
  • Modified Mikaelian Lens for RF Applications Using Metamaterials and Modern 3D Printing Technique
  • Authors: Emma Sadoyan; Arega Mikayelyan; Suren Eyramjyan
  • From Ray Tracing to Channel Impulse Responses Describing the Polarimetric Time-Invariant SISO Channel
  • Authors: Franziska Rasp; Burak Sahinbas; Thomas Reisinger; Susanne Hipp; Erich Leitgeb

Keynote Talk 2 Andrej Kos
Wednesday, 10th of July, 10:00
Chair: Erich Leitgeb

Using network honeypots for data security and risk assessment

Wednesday, 10th of July, 11:30-13:00
Chair: Bostjan Batagelj

  • Randomized Autoencoder-Based Representation for Dynamic Texture Recognition
    Authors: Ricardo T Fares; Lucas C. Ribas
  • Enhancing Cyberattack Detection in IoT Environments Through Advanced Resampling Techniques
    Authors: Carlos Tojeiro; Thiago Lucas; Leandro Passos; Douglas Rodrigues; Simone Prado; Joao Paulo Papa; Kelton Costa
  • Randomized Encoding Ensemble: A New Approach for Texture Representation
    Authors: Ricardo T Fares; Ana Catarina Vicentim; Leonardo Scabini; Kallil Zielinski; Rachid Jennane; Odemir Bruno; Lucas C. Ribas
  • A Generative Approach to Electrical Impedance Tomography Image Reconstruction Using Prior Information
    Authors: Hongxi Zhu; Dhiya Al-Jumeily; Panos Liatsis

Invited Talk 2 Andreas Weiss
Wednesday, 10th of July, 14:00
Chair: Wilfried Gappmair

Visible Light Sensing – A Use Case based assessment of principles, applications and future potentials

Wednesday, 10th of July, 14:30 – 15:30
Chair: Andrej Kos

  • A Customizable WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing System for Real-Time Communication
  • Authors: Javlon Tursunov; Gregor Rozinaj; Vivek Dwivedi; Ivan Minarik
  • Denoising Autoencoder for Partial Discharge Identification in Instrument Transformers
  • Authors: Matheus Goes Crivelaro; Douglas Rodrigues; André Gifalli; Joao Paulo Papa; Carlos Guilherme Gonzales; André Nunes de Souza; Gustavo Vinícius Silva; Erasmo Silveira Neto
  • USRP Implementation of a High Resolution FMCW Radar Using a Stepped Chirp Waveform
  • Authors: Venceslav Kafedziski; Goran Josifovski

Wednesday, 10th of July, 16:00 – 17:30
Chair: Venceslav Kafedziski

  • Using Cropped Datasets for Training Deep Neural Networks for Face Recognition
    Authors: Felipe Ferreira Quintella; Francisco Ganacim; Jan Hurtado; Alberto Raposo
  • Music Genre Classification Using Contrastive Dissimilarity
    Authors: Gabriel H Costanzi; Lucas O Teixeira; Gustavo Z Felipe; George D. C. Cavalcanti; Yandre M G Costa
  • Comparing Deep Learning Models for Image Classification in Urban Flooding
    Authors: André Fernandes Gonçalves; Aura Conci
  • On the Possibilities of Using Traditional Pattern Recognition Techniques in Brazilian Banknote Characterization
    Authors: Ronaldo S Tavares; Aura Conci; André Fernandes Gonçalves

Thursday, 11th of July

Invited Talk 3 Attila Hilt
Thursday, 11th of July, 09:00
Chair: Franz Teschl

Dimensioning Challenges of Telecommunication Network Elements Migrating onto the Cloud

Thursday, 11th of July, 09:30 – 11:00
Chair: Aleš Zamuda

  • Classification of Highly Similar Fish Species Using Machine Learning
    Authors: Leandro M C Silva; Franklin Flores; Rosilene L Delariva; Gustavo Z Felipe; Yandre M G Costa
  • Segmentation of Hepatocytes Nuclei Using YOLO and Mathematical Morphology
    Authors: Franklin Flores; Mateus Tavares; Sergio Alvarez da Silva, Jr; Leandro Eugênio Farias Berton; Carla Cristina De Oliveira Bernardo; André Luiz Rezini Gasparro Sevilha; Juliana Vanessa Colombo; Jacqueline Nelisis Zanoni; Gustavo Z Felipe; Yandre M G Costa
  • Ensemble Transfer Learning for Lymphoma Classification
    Authors: Marija Habijan; Irena Galić
  • Immersive Virtual Conference Room: Bridging the Gap Between Remote Collaboration and Physical Presence
    Authors: Vivek Dwivedi; Mansi Bharnagar; Javlon Tursunov; Gregor Rozinaj

Invited Talk 4 Maciej Sobieraj
Thursday, 11th of July, 11:00
Chair: Reinhard Teschl

Simulation and analytical modeling of Elastic Optical Networks