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Conference Program

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CoBCom 2022 & CEEPUS Workshop

Tuesday July 12

Wednesday July 13

Thursday July 14


Tuesday, 12th of July

Keynote Talk I Holger Flühr
Tuesday, 12th of July, 14:00

5G Mobile Communications versus Aeronautical Radio Altimeters – Considerations from Aviation and Industry

Photonics and Optical Communications I
Tuesday, 12th of July, 10:00-11:00
Chair: Erich Leitgeb

  • Balanced APD Homodyne Receiver for Quantum Applications
    Authors: Dinka Milovančev; Nemanja Vokic; Florian Honz; Martin Achleitner; Christoph Pacher; Bernhard Schrenk
  • Analysis of Call Admission Control Mechanisms in Nodes of Elastic Optical Networks
    Authors: Maciej Sobieraj; Mariusz Glabowski
  • Feedback Solution for Blind Symbol Timing Recovery in Bandlimited Optical Intensity Channels
  • Authors: Wilfried Gappmair; Harald Schlemmer

Photonics and Optical Communications II
Tuesday, 12th of July, 11:30 – 13:00
Chair: Wilfried Gappmair

  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Underwater Optical Wireless Communications
    Authors: Nadia Abd Razak; Callum T Geldard; Egecan Guler; Wasiu O. Popoola
  • Comparison of CAP and OFDM Modulation for LED Based Underwater Optical Wireless Communications
    Authors: Minqing Yu; Callum T Geldard; Wasiu O. Popoola
  • Experimental Coupling Loss Analysis of Free Space Optical Link Under Different Weather Conditions
    Authors: Yingjie Liu; Ziad Hatab; Erich Leitgeb; Peiyuan Wang
  • Transmission Type Nano‐Layered Electro‐Optical Modulator for Chip‐To‐Chip Optical Interconnection: Electromagnetic Modelling by the Method of Single Expression
  • Authors: Hovik Baghdasaryan; Tamara M. Knyazyan; Tamara Hovhannisyan; Gurgen Mardoyan; Tigran Baghdasaryan; Hristo Ivanov; Pasha Bekhrad; Marian Marciniak; Erich Leitgeb
  • Design, Simulation & Optimization on Electrical and Optical Parameters of Alq3
    Authors: Shaimaa Gamal; Tawfik Ismail; Ihab Talkhan

Information and Communication Technologies
Tuesday, 12th of July, 15:30 – 16:30
Chair: Ales Svigelj / Maciej Sobieraj

  • DynaSens: Dynamic Scheduling for IoT Devices Sustainability
  • Authors: Neda Maleki; Arslan Musaddiq; Daniel Toll; Francis Palma; Tobias Ohlsson; David Mozart; Mustafa Omareen; Fredrik Ahlgren
  • Application of the 2D Local Entropy Information in Sparse TFD Reconstruction
  • Authors: Vedran Jurdana; Ivan Volaric; Victor Sucic
  • Base Station Anomaly Prediction Leveraging Model‐Driven Framework for Classification in Neo4j
  • Authors: Nenad Petrovic; Issam Al‐Azzoni; Dragana Krstić; Abdullah Alqahtani

RF Technologies
Tuesday, 12th of July, 16:30 – 17:30
Chair: Tawfik Ismail / Reinhard Teschl

  • Circularly Polarized Ultra‐Wideband Antenna for Dependable Wireless Localization Systemsy
  • Authors: Gerzon Gomez‐Bravo; Reinhard Teschl; Wolfgang Bosch
  • Modelling Child Life Presence Detection with Ultra‐Wideband Radars for an Automotive Environment
  • Authors: Gert Freiberger; Helmut Schreiber
  • OFDM Symbol‐Timing and Carrier‐Frequency Offset Estimation Based on Singular Value Decomposition
  • Authors: Ziad Hatab; Hiroaki Takahashi; Michael Gadringer; Wolfgang Bosch

Wednesday, 13th of July

Invited Talk I Andreas Weiss
Wednesday, 13th of July, 10:15

Visible Light Technologies – Background, Principles, Current applications and future developments

Keynote Talk II Marian Marciniak
Wednesday, 13th of July, 14:00

Optical Wireless Communications international standards – a review

Protocols and Networks
Wednesday, 13th of July, 09:00-10:15
Chair: Dragana Krstic

  • Downlink Throughput Prediction in LTE Cellular Networks Using Time Series
    Authors: Ali Mostafa; Mustafa Elattar; Tawfik Ismail
  • Dynamic Allocation of Resources in a Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Network
    Authors: Ales Svigelj; Ivan Boškov
  • The Impact of the Adopted Queue Discipline on the Accuracy of the Analytical Model in Queuing Systems with Elastic and Adaptive Traffic
    Authors: Slawomir Hanczewski; Joanna Weissenberg
  • Analysis of Strategies for Minimising End‐To‐End Latency in 5G Networks
    Authors: Afonso Carvalho; Luis M. Correia; António Grilo; Ricardo Dinis

PHORSCH! & Vilipa I
Wednesday, 13th of July, 11:30 – 12:30
Chair: Branko Mikac

  • Design and Simulation of 3D 1×4 Multimode Interference Splitter
  • Authors: Stanislava Serecunova; Dana Seyringer; Frantisek Uherek; Heinz Seyringer; Dusan Pudis; Tomas Mizera
  • AWG‐Channel‐Spacing: A New Software Tool to Calculate Accurate Channel Spacing of an AWG Optical Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • Authors: Manuel Humpeler; Stanislava Serecunova; Dana Seyringer
  • AWG‐Wuckler: A Novel Software Tool for Flexible Design of Arrayed Waveguide Gratings
  • Authors: Severin Keller; Dana Seyringer; Stanislava Serecunova; Fiorentino Conte; Dusko Vukovic
  • Stable Optical Frequency Transmission over a Free Space Optical Testbed
    Authors: Peter Barcik; Jan Hrabina; Martin Cizek; Petr Skryja; Zdenek Kolka; Lenka Pravdova

PHORSCH! & Vilipa II
Wednesday, 13th of July, 15:30 – 17:15
Chair: Irena Jurdana

  • Visible Light Sensing for Recognising Human Postural Transitions
    Authors: Ziad Salem; Andreas P. Weiss
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication in the Visible Spectral Range: A Novel Closed Loop Controller
    Authors: Christian Fragner; Andreas P. Weiss; Franz Wenzl; Erich Leitgeb
  • An Optimal Solution for a Human Wrist Rotation Recognition System by Utilizing Visible Light Communication
    Authors: Saman Zahiri‐Rad; Andreas P. Weiss; Erich Leitgeb; Ziad Salem
  • Educational Activities with Photonics Explorer
    Authors: Dana Seyringer; Paul Schreivogl; Karin Langer; Gerd Christian Krizek; Erich Leitgeb; Arno Grabher‐Meyer

General Track
Wednesday, 13th of July, 17:15-18:00
Chair: Reinhard Teschl and Mario Kusek

  • Commissioning a Fully‐Reconfigurable Communication Chain in a CCSDS-Compliant Way on OPS-SAT Satellite
    Authors: Maximilian Henkel; Andreas Hörmer; Manuel Kubicka; Reinhard Zeif
  • Service Function Chaining to Support Ultra‐Low Latency Communication in NFV
    Authors: Mohammad Mohammadi Erbati; Mohammad Mahdi Tajiki; Gregor Schiele
  • Air Traffic Simulation and Modeling Framework
    Authors: Philipp Ortner; Raphael Steinhöfler; Erich Leitgeb; Holger Fluehr
  • NFC Communication Through Metal
    Authors: Michael Gebhart; Amira Hedhili; Peter Lukan

Thursday, 14th of July

Invited Talk II Galia Marinova
Thursday, 14th of July, 09:00

Innovative approach in a CEEPUS academic network

CEEPUS & Erasmus
Thursday, 14th of July, 09:30 – 10:30
Chairs: Hristo Ivanov and Maja Matijasevic

  • Efficient Energy Management in a Microgrid
    Authors: Vassil Guliashki; Galia Marinova
  • THz Imaging Based on Frequency Domain Spectroscopy
    Authors: Pongrac Blaz; Andrej Sarjas; Dušan Gleich
  • Selecting Communication Technologies for Sensing in Agriculture
    Authors: Juraj Biscan; Mislav Has; Krunoslav Trzec; Mario Kusek

Thursday, 14th of July, 11:00 – 12:00
Chairs: Erich Leitgeb, Galia Marinova

  • Availability Study of Atmospheric Gaussian Pulse Propagation with Normally Distributed Time Jitter for Optical Wireless Communication Systems
    Authors: Dimitrios Oreinos; Panagiotis Gripeos; Kapotis Kapotis; Hector Nistazakis; Evgenia Roditi; George S Tombras
  • Estimating Application Cyberthreat Impact Score for Honeypot Coverage Prioritization
    Authors: Matej Kren; Andrej Kos; Urban Sedlar
  • Gamma Gamma Turbulence and Nonzero Boresight Spatial Jitter Influence at the Outage Performance of THz Links
    Authors: George Varotsos; Efstratios Chatzikontis; Hector Nistazakis; Konstantinos Aidinis; Andreas Tsigopoulos; Vasilis Christofilakis
  • Graphene‐Based Tunable Metasurface Screen with Fresnel Zone Resonators (FZRs)
    Authors: Ozan Gündüz; Cumali Sabah; Erich Leitgeb