November 24, 2015

Conference Program

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CoBCom 2020 & CEEPUS Workshop

Tuesday, July 07 Wednesday, July 08 Thursday, July 09 Day
09:00 Conference Opening     09:00
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09:30 Keynote Talk I Matevž Pogacnik

Satellite and Space Communications
(3 papers)
Keynote Talk III Slaviša Aleksic

General Topics I
(3 papers)
CEEPUS Workshop
09:45 09:45
10:00 10:00
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11:30 Photonics and Optical Communications
(4 papers)
General Topics II
(6 papers)
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14:00 Keynote Talk II Kurt Reichinger

Antennas and Microwave Engineering
(3 papers)
CEEPUS Workshop
(5 papers)
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16:00 IoT, Networks and Protocols
(4 papers)
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17:00 Buschenschank Sattler 17:00
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18:30 Guided City Tour 18:30
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20:00 Welcome Reception Kunsthaus Graz 20:00


Tuesday, 07th of July

Keynote Talk I Matevž Pogacnik
Tuesday, 07th of July, 09:30

Trends and challenges in virtual reality services for 360° video delivery and consumption – Matevž Pogacnik

Satellite and Space Communications
Tuesday, 07th of July, directly after Keynote I – 11:00
Chair: Wilfried Gappmair

    • Thermal Vacuum Tests and Thermal Properties on ESA’s OPS-SAT Mission
      Authors: Manuel Kubicka; Otto Koudelka; David Evans; Reinhard Zeif; Max Henkel; Andreas Hörmer
    • From OPS-SAT to PRETTY Mission: A Second Generation Software Defined Radio Transceiver for Passive Reflectometry
      Authors: Reinhard Zeif; Andreas Hörmer; Manuel Kubicka; Max Henkel; Otto Koudelka
    • A GPS Patch Antenna Array for the ESA PRETTY Nanosatellite Mission
      Authors: Reinhard Zeif; Andreas Hörmer; Manuel Kubicka; Max Henkel; Otto Koudelka

Photonics and Optical Communications
Tuesday, 07th of July, 11:30 – 13:00
Chair: Erich Leitgeb

    • DF Relayed OOK and PAM FSO Links with Turbulence and Time Jitter
      Authors: Panagiotis Gripeos; Hector Nistazakis; George Roumelas; Vasilis Christofilakis; Andreas Tsigopoulos; George S Tombras
    • Implementation of Intelligent Modulator into the Luminaire of Public Lighting Based on the OOK Modulation with Bias-Tee
      Authors: Stanislav Hejduk; Tomas Stratil; Jan Latal; Ales Vanderka; Lukas Hajek; Jakub Kolar
    • 3D Visible Light Positioning of an Angle Diverse Receiver Based on Track Analysis
      Authors: Andreas Weiss; Franz Wenzl; Claude Leiner; Felix Lichtenegger; Christian Sommer
    • Modelling the Refractive Index Structure Parameter: A ResNet Approach
      Authors: Christopher Lamprecht; Pasha Bekhrad; Hristo Ivanov; Erich Leitgeb

Keynote Talk II Kurt Reichinger
Tuesday, 07th of July, 14:00

5G and Cyber Security – how to make 5G networks more secure – Kurt Reichinger

Antennas and Microwave Engineering
Tuesday, 07th of July, directly after Keynote II – 15:30
Chair: Franz Teschl

    • A Broadband 2.1 GHz LDMOS Power Amplifier with 700 MHz Bandwidth Implementing Band-pass Filter-Based Matching Networks
      Authors: Jose Romero Lopera; Michael Gadringer; Erich Leitgeb; Wolfgang Bösch
    • Manipulating Iron Filament with Permanent Magnets for FDM Printing for X-Band
      Authors: Jan Köhler; Wolfgang Bösch; Erich Leitgeb; Reinhard Teschl; David Pommerenke
    • Comparism of Radiation Exposure Between DVB-T2, WLAN, 5G and Other Sources with Respect to Law and Regulation Issues
      Authors: Peter Mandl; Pirmin Pezzei; Erich Leitgeb

IoT, Networks and Protocols
Tuesday, 07th of July, 16:00 – 17:30
Chair: Thomas Bauernfeind

    • An Iteratively-Improving Internet-of-Things Honeypot Experiment
      Authors: Urban Sedlar; Leon Štefanic Južnic; Mojca Volk
    • Getting on Track – Simulation-aided Design of Wireless IoT Sensor Systems
      Authors: Daniel Kraus; Konrad Diwold; Erich Leitgeb
    • Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT and Business DApps
      Authors: Dejan Dolenc; Jan Turk; Matevž Pustišek
    • TinyI2C – A Protocol Stack for Connecting Hardware Security Modules to IoT Devices
      Authors: Thomas Fischer; Dominic Pirker; Christian Lesjak; Christian Steger

Wednesday, 08th of July

Keynote Talk III Slaviša Aleksic
Wednesday, 08th of July, 09:30

Environmental Sustainability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Smart Grids – Slaviša Aleksic

General Topics I
Wednesday, 08th of July, directly after Keynote III – 11:00
Chair: Reinhard Teschl

    • The Local Rényi Entropy Based Shrinkage Algorithm for Sparse TFD Reconstruction
      Authors: Vedran Jurdana; Ivan Volaric; Victor Sucic
    • Maritime Communications and Remote Voyage Monitoring
      Authors: Nobukazu Wakabayashi; Irena Jurdana
    • Evaluation of Data Sets for Mobile Radio Signal Coverage Up to 150 Meters Above Ground
      Authors: Klaus Kainrath; Jakob Feiner; Wilhelm Zugaj; Erich Leitgeb; Holger Flühr; Mario Gruber

General Topics II
Wednesday, 08th of July, 11:30 – 13:30
Chairs: Erich Leitgeb, Hristo Ivanov

    • Searching for the Optimal Design of Small Payment Accessories
      Authors: Mladen Pesic; Stephan Rampetzreiter; Walther Pachler; Holger Arthaber
    • Trust-Provisioning Infrastructure for a Global and Secured UAV Authentication System
      Authors: Dominic Pirker; Thomas Fischer; Harald Witschnig; Christian Steger
    • Low Noise IQ Generation Employed in an Active Vector Modulator for 5G Ka-Band Beam Forming Transceivers
      Authors: Baset Mesgari; Horst Zimmermann
    • Flow-Aware QoS Engine for Ultra-Dense SDN Scenarios
      Authors: Mertkan Akkoç; Berk Canberk
    • Network Bandwidth Usage Forecast in Content Delivery Networks
      Authors: Aykut Teker; Ahmet Ornek; Berk Canberk

CEEPUS Workshop
Wednesday, 08th of July, 14:00 – 16:00
Chairs: Erich Leitgeb, Galia Marinova

    • Optimization of Thick BoR Monopole Antennas Using Differential Evolution
      Authors: Marko Radovic; Gorazd Lešnjak; Peter Kitak; Peter Planinsic
    • DVFS Technique on a Zynq SoC-Based System for Low Power Consumption
      Authors: Marsida Ibro; Galia Marinova
    • Design of a Sampling Mixer for Use in UWB Radar Applications
      Authors: Marko Malajner; Dušan Gleich
    • Interference Classification for IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
      Authors: Uros M Pesovic; Sladjana Djurasevic; Vanja Lukovic; Peter Planinsic
    • USRP Implementation of a Ground Penetrating Radar Using a Combination of Stepped Frequency and OFDM Principles
      Authors: Venceslav Kafedziski; Sinisha Pecov; Dimitar Tanevski